Ultimate Buying Machines

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 In response to WSJ.com article called: “Tablets: Ultimate Buying Machine”

The title of this article made me think of new ad campaign that perhaps Apple can start before this Christmas shopping season. Very much like BMW featuring one of its cars taking a tight turn and someone in the background saying the now famous line of it being the Ultimate Driving Machine, Apple can show a person sitting on a couch in front of his/her TV and finishing their Christmas shopping in a matter of minutes on their iPad and then the voice in the background says “iPad – The Ultimate Buying Machine”.

Joking aside, the influence of tablets on our shopping habits can’t be overestimated. The number of people who own a tablet devise is still very low to make any serious dent on e-commerce but the trends associated with shopping using tablets are pointing towards the increase of purchases using tablet.  

Why are the numbers increasing?

It is simply more convenient to use a tablet to make a purchase. In a sense it augments the shoppers’ experience of buying product on line. One of the reasons we go to the physical store locations is because we like the experience of touching and feeling a particular items we want to purchase.  The functionality of tablets allows us to use our own fingers to make selection of the product and its features, the option which does not exist on a computer at work or in the office. Tablets are also more portable than even the lightest laptops, which gives a shopper an opportunity to make shop or make a purchase at any location.

The retailers are starting to take the segment of shoppers who use tablets for purchases on line more seriously. As more people get access to tablets this retail segment will continue to grow for reasons I stated above.  Eventually this will become a global phenomenon. The retailers who will recognize this opportunity now and change their strategy towards targeting tablet users will reap great rewards.



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