Holiday Marketing Strategy

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It is key for any business to implement social media into their holiday marketing strategy. There are several ways how one can build an online community using social media for sales and promotions. According to research, 36% of social media users trust brands with a social media presence, and 80% of users who received a response on a social channel went on to make a purchase. Social media can be significant for creating brand awareness and reputation. Holiday season can serve as a perfect opportunity to reach out and get one’s brand exposed. Here are 4 ways you can use social media during holiday season for increasing brand awareness and recognition:


Most businesses can certainly use social to media solely to push their products and services. But social media can be more beneficial when it is used as a channel to connect with customers. One can start a conversation simply by asking questions like, “What’s your favorite holiday tradition?” Starting a simple conversation can go along way and shows that you care. These are the questions that add a personal touch and can help ensure your online community remembers you. It is also important to create a relationship with online community by responding to them not just asking questions. Customers want to know that their word means something, so it’s important to make sure you’re acknowledging their answers.

2.Giving Back

Even though utilizing social media during the holidays for giveaways and exclusive sales is necessary. Giving back to the community can also help. It is as easy as having a charity event you sponsor. Posting photos of such events on social outlets can also be critical during the holiday season to show support to the community. Customers love to see proceeds go to charities for a good cause. Customers feel as if they are helping others when buying products or using services. Social media can be an excellent tool to promote your efforts towards helping out the community. Customers will enjoy seeing that you are a business that gives back.


The best social media campaigns are those that involve your customers and encourage sharing. Having the customers take part in sharing their experiences using products or services on your social media networks can be the best content to increase awareness and sales. For example, having a competition to win a discount or a product by having your online community share and tweet photos of him or herself with your product. People use social media to feel connected to the brands they follow. Having your online community share their experiences through different social networks can bring people together.

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You should be using social media to promote your brand at all times but the holiday season is great time to show your brand culture. Sharing fun holiday photos of sales force or corporate office is an excellent way to showcase what your business is all about. People like to see the personality behind the product or services they are using. Customers behaviors are a lot of times aligned with their brands personalities. During the holidays you want to make sure you’re documenting your company culture as much as possible.


These are four simple ways that can help you engage your customers during the holidays through posts and promotions on social networks. These four steps not only help you strengthen your online community but also complement who you are as a brand.

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