Cultural Factors and Trends Shape Consumer Behavior

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Everyday, consumers are expecting more and more due to cultural shifts and how it affects individual’s behaviors. Earlier this year the Culture Insight team at Added Value conducted a research to determine the 2014 global trends as defined by culture. Their results indicated that there are several of trends that shape consumer behavior in 2014. Here are the top six:

1.  Multiplicity

We are increasingly expecting things to do more that involves interacting with all our senses, offers us a range of touch points to play with, and involves us entirely in new experiences.

2.  Hyper Efficiency

We are seeking and discovering ever-smarter and more efficient ways to solve age old issues–such as keeping fit, lack of space and limited resources. The results are better, quicker and use things that have previously been ignored.

With a growing awareness of how limited resources are, innovations are creating valuable assets out of the otherwise unused.

3.  The New Industrial Revolution

Digital and technological advances are enabling us to create in new ways–leading to new creative forms and helping us see a new appreciation of the digital as a thing of beauty.

This use of science is no longer just for experts. We are in the midst of a new form of industrial revolution where technological advances are enabling people to make the transition from users to creators. We’re seeing a new appreciation of the digital as a source of inspiration and the means to create are now in the hands of everyone. Coding has gone fully mainstream, and the rise of 3D printing is hailing a new era for industry. Soon everyone will be a manufacturer, able to create what they want, how they want to, when they want it.

4.  Escape

In a world of austerity and grown up responsibility, we are seeing the increasing desire to let go, to let loose and indulge in childlike freedom. People are demanding more from every type of experience. We’re seeing the desire to indulge in most people. People are seeking occasions that allow them to let go of all responsibilities and inhibitions

5.  Mindfulness.

In a world full of buzz and surface interactions, people are seeking more depth and meaning. They are craving time away from the stimulus of the internet, making their leisure time more about self-development, and taking their own ethical responsibilities seriously.

Leisure is becoming as much about self-development as pleasure-seeking, and there is a growing sense of consideration and thoughtfulness. People are craving time away from the stimulus of the internet, and are severing their connection to technology. People are also becoming increasingly aware of the ethical impact of their everyday lives

6.  Super-personalized

Personalization has been taken out of the hands and tastes of consumers. Advances in technology mean that producers are able to read consumers and give them what they want sometimes without even being asked.


Cultural factors have a significant impact on customer behavior. Culture is the most basic cause of a person’s wants and behavior. Growing up, children learn basic values, perception and wants from the family and other groups which they find important. Marketers are always trying to spot “cultural shifts” which might point to new products that might be wanted by customers or to increased demand. The cultural shifts we are witnessing show a move towards the use of new technological advancements to meet peoples needs. Every customer wants all aspects of their lives to be rich and full. These six trends found in their results, give us a clear sense of where culture is heading, and what has to be done in order to meet consumers’ demands and expectations.

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